10 Ordinary people with extraordinary disorder of the world (10 Images)


10 Ordinary people with extraordinary disorder of the world

We all are aware of the diseases like cancer, or respiratory diseases but there are some diseases which are very rarely found in the world. Even though these diseasesis not fatal for the people who are suffering from them, they make life very difficult for those people. As these diseases make such big changes in the bodies of the patients that they find it difficult to live their life normally.Not all these people are suffering from diseases as some people look differently due to the unusual habits which they follow. You may find that the images given below are unsettling or even frightening, but creating awareness about these diseases is also important.

A man who has no body fat at all


Many women may envy Tom Staniford’s condition. Tom’s body does not store any body fat because he suffers from a very rare disease called as Myelodysplastic Preleukemic Syndrome. Only eight people in the whole world are suffering from this disorder. Although he was born with normal bodyweight, he lost all the body fat to this extent that you can see his skull structure when you look at his face. He suffers from Diabetes and his hearing is also impaired, but he did not allow anything to come between his dreams. He is a law degree holder and he is also a champion of British national Para-cycling circuit race in 2011.


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