celebrities who have rivalries, but good friends on the camara

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celebrities who have rivalries, but good friends on the camara (16 Images)

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We all must have experienced petty rivalries with our peers either in school or college. Generally, when two persons are rivals, their rivalry is obvious to the people around them, but this is not the case with the celebrities. All these celebrities have to take care of their image and, therefore, they cannot afford to show their true feelings when they are in front of the cameras. They have to conceal their real feelings and have to pretend that everything is all right between them. Sometimes they even have to pretend to be very good friends, when in reality they cannot tolerate each other’s presence. Following images are of such celebrity rivals who are best friends in front of the camera.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift


Although both of them are in the same industry, Katie Perry and Taylor Swift are not on friendly terms at all. May be being in the same industry, has made them rivals and both of them have negative feelings towards each other. The reason behind this rivalry is not known, whether it is because Katy dates Taylor’s ex-boyfriend or it is because dancers from Taylor’s group switched sides to join Katy? Taylor has also written a song called “Bad Blood” which is allegedly inspired by Katy Perry. We are just surprised with the rivalry between the two talented artists.

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