Easter DIY Projects which Failed Miserably!

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Easter DIY Projects which Failed Miserably! (12 Images)

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All of must have tried our hands at the various DIY projects at our home at least once. So it is a well-known fact that they don’t always turn up as they should. Normally they can be corrected and then the projects will be successful. But there are some things, which cannot be made right once they go wrong. These photos are of such DIY projects made by various people especially for Easter. But if we see the photos, we understand that these projects have gone so wrong that they cannot be corrected or used. There is only option which is available for them and that is to throw them away.

Rice crispy Easter eggs which did not turn up so good.


When they showed it in DIY manual, these rice crispy eggs with candies inside, looked very easy to make. But the reality is a bit different than the ideal look of these Easter eggs. Actually there are no eggs, just a crumble of rice crispy and some candies!!! But I bet it will taste good irrespective of its appearance!

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