Fearful Truth of Ovary and Uterus Cancer Highlighted in the News


Fearful Truth of Ovary and Uterus Cancer Highlighted in the News (7 Images)

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This time, news revealed a scary saga of a woman named Marcedes Talamante, a resident of Mexico, who increased her body weight from 145 to 277 pounds and subsequently found that it is not her body mass but it was actually a 135 pounds tumour making her body very huge and bulky.

At the age of 52, she observed her weight is increasing consistently and noticeably. During this time, she thought that it might be one amid a mark of ageing. She was not concerned with extra body weight she puts on, as she knew that at this age several females gain weight because of unexpected hormonal variations in the body.

The procedure of weight gain was ongoing within her body making her slight bothered about it. Later on, she thought that she has achieved a lot of weight, which makes her sad and depressed from within and dishonour for the outside world.

Hence, she took a conclusion of keeping herself attach to the edge of home. Now, her rising weight is making her to live a life with some limits, that is why she keep herself away from moving out, from meeting other people and she also started sounding down in front of her family.

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