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Funny notes made me laugh left behind (7 Images)

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Treat for trait, is a general reaction of the kid. A man was memorising his child hood memory which is been represented in this note. He is saying that he did the same as his dog used to do. We make our home with much love and affection. If unwanted guest comes to our hose and do what is not acceptable for us. As a reaction, we do the same to teach the lesion. A kid did the same at the age of eight to his neighbour. The dog used to come to his garden and popped in. One day the kid decided to teach the lesion to the neighbour. He did the same to his neighbour’s garden. Main important thing is that, he still remember.

Gorgeous daughters of Sylvester Stallone, unbelievable!!!Woman roaming around the city in painted Jeans!!!!

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