Lingerie Model Who Has No Legs But She Is So Beautiful, You Won’t Believe


Lingerie Model Who Has No Legs But She Is So Beautiful, You Won’t Believe (12 Images)

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The conventional image of a lingerie model in the minds of people is that of a pretty woman with long legs on high heels. However, Kenya Sesser does not fit any this stereotyped image of a lingerie model. The reason behind this is that she is a differently abled person. Kenya Sesser was born without legs. On top of this disability from birth, her parents abandoned her when she was only one week old. They did not think that a baby girl born without legs may have any future. Kenya Sesser has proved them wrong with her zest for life and passion for enjoying it on her terms.

When Kenya was noticed by various sports brands, she was just 15 years old. At that age, she has already modelled for some brands. There was also a Billabong features, which gave her more recognition in the world of modelling. These brands must have realised the passion and talent in this girl and that is theway she is a model showcasing sexy lingerie. For Kenya, the lingerie modelling is a fun activity which lets her show a different side to the people. Kenya says that she feels sexy when she is modelling the lingerie.

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