Mind-Blowing Photos Captured By Camera witch you can’t imagine ( 6th &7 is unbelievable)


Mind-Blowing Photos Captured By Camera witch you can’t imagine ( 6th &7 is unbelievable) (15 Images)

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Photography is an art and the photographer needs to have a perfect sense of timing to take a great shot. It is also necessary for him to know what to look for when he is taking a photo. In the modern days of camera phones, we think that people are losing out on the real photography done by great photographers. There are many photos which astonish us with the moment captured or with the concept of that photograph. Every photographer has an idea when he takes a photo. Whether that idea turns into a perfect photo or not, depends on many factors like location, light and the skill of the photographer. We are giving you a list of some photographs which are really awesome and unique.
Maho beaches in Caribbean Island of Saint Martin


Caribbean Islands are famous for tranquillity and relaxation amongst the golden white beaches and sparkling blue water. Certainly this setting is perfect if you want to go away from the day to day life. However, you will be surprised to know that Maho beach is not famous for its beautiful seashore but it is famous for the close encounter with planes. Many tourists come here for taking a look at the aeroplanes which are landing at the Princess Juliana International Airport. As the runway at this airport is really short, the aeroplanes fly at a very low level when they pass over this beach. Watching these planes is the most favourite activity of all tourists and the business around this beach has taken note of this.

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