How Many Years Can You Live Without Bath? This Man Can Stay For 60 Years


How Many Years Can You Live Without Bath? This Man Can Stay For 60 Years (8 Images)

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People may skip taking a bath sometimes if they are in a hurry or the weather is too cold, but have you ever thought about not taking a bath for years? No normal person may skip the baths and showers for the obvious reasons of cleanliness and hygiene. They may manage to clean themselves in less water or they may take a bath on alternate days if there is a shortage of water, but no one can skip taking a bath for a long time. What if we tell you that there is a man who has not taken a bath in last 60 years. You won’t be able to believe this information, but this is a fact. An Iranian man named Amoo Hadji did not take bath even once in last 60 years. He is 80 years old now so when he took his last bath, he was only 20 years old.

no-bath- for-60-years-1

As you can see, Amoo Hadji really looks very dirty with dirt and grime all over his face and clothes. He is the resident of Iran and stays in a little village called as Dezhgah. His face is really black with dirt and it is difficult to guess his age from his face.

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If you look at the skin of his hands, you will see that it does not resemble the normal human skin at all. With nails and skin which is caked with layers of dirt for so many years, the skin has lost its normal texture. The mud and dust are the part of the skin now and we think it will be impossible to clean all the dirt which seem to be embedded in the skin.

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